In case of a widespread and recurring problem for our industry and its customers, the Industrial Gases Council (IGC), one of the EIGA Working Groups (WG) or the Safety Advisory Council (SAC) may decide to launch a campaign, to raise the awareness of all those at risk.

The classical approach of publishing best practice advice is not sufficient to get the message home to the many people who need to know.

EIGA believes there is a need to generate a much better knowledge and understanding of the issues and preventing measures.

The first campaign was launched by EIGA at the Winter Technical Meeting, January 2003 (Campaign against Asphyxiation).

The second campaign highlighting the hazards of oxygen enrichment was launched by EIGA in January 2005.

The third campaign "Transporting Gas Cylinders or Cryogenic Receptacles in 'Non-Dedicated' Vehicles"was launched by EIGA in January 2008.

Details about the various EIGA Campaigns can be found under each Campaign (see sub-menus).